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Whilst many businesses, particularly shops and restaurants, remain open across the Christmas and New Year period, others are fortunate to close on Christmas Eve and re-open on 2nd January. Whilst your business is closed, your clients may still be working...

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It’s been said that we’re a nation of shopkeepers. In my family’s case that's partly true. My great great granddad had a camera shop in Cheetham Hill, Manchester from the 1900s; my great aunt Florrie worked in a pet shop on the famous Tib Street in the...

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Business energy – not the most alluring part of running a business, is it?! But, for most it’s unavoidable and there are ways you can reduce expenditure despite rising costs.

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Nichols plc have been working with Justine at Utility360 since 2013. She facilitates our dealings with energy companies and understands our requirements. She presents comparative quotes in a way which is clear and transparent. It’s great to have a professional yet friendly person on hand to provide us advice whenever it’s needed.

Lee Gibson, Facilities Manager, Nichols Plc

Mackinnon and Saunders have used Justine as a utility consultant since 2017.  We were delighted when she identified that the kva level for one of our supplies was higher than needed. This provided an immediate saving of over £1200 per year.

Mackinnon and Saunders Ltd, Altrincham, Cheshire